Q: How to lay out pipeline of fire fighting pump?

A: We should design according to the actual situation. Here is an example for your reference.



1.Suction pipeline is designed based on automatic tank fill system or draw water from outdoor municipal water supply net.

2.Pressure release valve and test drain valve drain pipe are connect with special fire tank. When fire pump draw water from municipal water supply net, they can be connected with outdoor inspection pit or sump pit and take measures of air break.

3.If suction pipeline setting piping filter is decided by designer according to requirement of fire water supply system.

Main equipment list

No.Equipment nameRemarks
1Fire fighting water pump1duty + 1standby or 2duty + 1standby
2ValveGate valve or butterfly valve
3Multifunctional water pump control valveOr Anti-Water Hammer Check Valves
4Flexible rubber pipe coupling 
5Pipe hanger damperSet as necessary
6Pipe bracket damperSet as necessary
7Vacuum pressure gaugeSet as necessary
8Pressure gauge 
9Test drain valve 
10Pressure relief deviceSet as necessary
11Pipe filter 
12Fire hose coupling(KN65 or KN80)Set as necessary
13Fire pump adapterSet according to standard requirement