Buy dewatering pump? Ask these 4 questions.

Question 1: Is it meet the drainage need of large particle impurities?

In many applications, such as urban water logging, pipe networks and tunnel drainage, flood control and typhoon defense, it is not only sewage, but also contains stones, mineral water bottles, plastic bags etc. In the process of dewatering, we obviously cannot ignore such large particle impurities, which is also an important factor affecting whether drainage can be carried out smoothly. Therefore, we need to investigate whether the dewatering pump can meet the drainage requirement of water containing large particles.


Compared to closed impeller, semi open impeller is better able to meet the dewatering requirement of large particulate impurities. Guzu Machinery dewatering pump can pass the maximum particle size up to 7.6 cm, which is almost the width of an adult’s palm!

Question 2: Is there a strong dewatering capacity?

Needless to say, this issue is the most concerned issue for users and the core competitiveness of a drainage pump. This problem can actually be subdivided into a lot of problems, such as: Can the equipment meet the head requirement? Can the equipment meet the capacity requirement? How about the performance of the engine and pump end? If you can solve these problems, it is a step closer to an excellent dewatering pump.


High performance engine and pump end. The engine and pump end are the heart of the equipment. The GZT series dewatering pumps are equipped with Cummins/Deutz engine. The pump end is Gorman Rupp style, the quality is strictly controlled. Available in a wide range of sizes from 3″ to 12″ and can be used in a wide range of dewatering applications.

Question 3: Is the equipment capable of sustaining long-term operation?

A dewatering pump must not only be operated, but also be operated stably to ensure that all tasks are finished. Therefore, running time is an important factor in examining whether an equipment is excellent.

Question 4: Does the pump have good mobility?

Water is flowing, flood control is ubiquitous. Therefore, the good mobility of the pump enables it to perform at its best, and makes the device more flexible.
The mobile performance is mainly reflected in the weight and size, whether the transportation is convenient and quick.


True portability. Guzu Machinery GZT series diesel dewatering pumps are truly portable and designed to meet the needs of your mobile application. It has many features that are easy to transport.

Need a dewatering pump?
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