How does this company improve the pass rate to 100%?


During the War, the passing rate of the US Air Force parachute was 99.9%, which means that one of every thousand parachuting soldiers would be killed because of the unqualified parachute. The military requires manufacturers to pass the pass rate to 100%. The person in charge of the factory said that they did their best, and 99.9% was the limit unless there was a miracle. The military changed the inspection system, randomly picking out a few from the parachute before each delivery, and let the person in charge of the factory personally parachute detection. Since then, the miracle has appeared, and the pass rate of the parachute has reached 100%. It’s important to step into each other’s shoes in order to understand the other person and support them no matter what. 


The global dewatering pump market is anticipated to witness significant expansion in the forthcoming years. Dewatering equipment are predominantly used to remove water from a surface. Their major applications include power plants, mining and construction, thermal plants, cement plants, tunnel construction, flood dewatering, and underground mines among others. Rising application is anticipated to propel the market growth in near future. Choosing the right pump can mean a profitable job, while on the other hand, choosing the wrong pump can spell trouble and result in costly downtime.


Guzu Machinery provide you qualified self-priming trash pump to suit your requirements at a very reasonable price. How does Guzu Machinery deliver qualified self priming trash pump to You?


1. Inspection & Testing:

All pumps are 100% hydraulically and electrically tested before shipment. A variety of testing instruments (dynamic balancing, pump hydraulic performance test center etc) help us improve the pump qualification rate. We do series inspection before delivery(impeller dynamic balancing, bearing temperature, vibration, speed, noise level, hydraulic performance, pump performance.)


For every manufacturer, quality assurance is an important part of building a reputable brand and gaining the trust of customers. Random is the most common type of quality inspection. Inspector takes pumps testing randomly, and draws a conclusion about the whole batch.


Guzu Machinery has high sense of responsibility. We strictly adhere to test every self priming trash pump package. Just say no to random checking. Each testing we have photo and video record. All essential parameters like flow,head and NPSH are verified and recorded.