Self-Priming Trash Pump

Guzu self-priming trash pump is designed for reliable solids and clear liquids handling. After initial priming, they continue to reprime automatically and provides fast and cost effective pumping solution for larger jobs. Trash pumps are designed to safely move water that contains debris and solids. They have large, open style impellers that can safely pass solids without being damaged. Another useful feature is the quick release system that allows easy access for cleaning out the pump case.

Self-priming Trash Pump

• Design Max. Flow USGPM(m³/h): 6300(1430)
• Maximum RPM(RPM): 2100
• Maximum Liquid Temperature: -10℃~+71℃
• Power: Diesel Engine, Electric Motor
• Size: 2-12 inch

Performance chart of self-priming pump





Flood control



Made to go where you need to go, smaller and lighter, with features that make it easy to transport.


One pump can cover multiple applications thanks to a modular design.


Tested, performed and verified in the toughest working condition.


Focus on reducing fuel consumption. Made to suit any working environment.

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