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Guzu Machinery is an energetic company providing water pump solutions to agricultural, civil construction, mining, firefighting, desalination plants, water treatment system, marine etc around the world.

About Us

We put together our expertise to offer efficient and cost saving solutions aiming at enhancing the way we live thus leading to a happier community. Furthermore we constantly on the lookout for expand service range to maximizes saving for clients. Our team of skilled and trained workers backed with our expert engineers is always ready to meet your needs with suitable solutions in water applications.

Guzu Machinery offer a wide range of pumps including self priming trash pump, single stage water pump, multistage stage pump, self balancing multistage pump and split case double suction water pump with electric motor, diesel engine etc. In addition our products are carefully selected to be high performing, safe and low maintenance. In line with honesty as foundation, we hope to be your reliable cooperation partner. Our values system always reminds us to be:

• Efficient in delivery
• Attentive to details
• Quality,quality and quality
• Fostering Trust


Self Priming Sewage Pump | Self Priming Trash Pump

Self priming trash pump, self priming sewage pump are designed for sewage dnd wastewater handling. It has the best water performance, Quick and simple maintenance, inspect and clean without any disconnecting pipe work. Shimless external impeller adjustment, Automatic self-priming that does not require a suction check valve, Solids handling capabilities, large pump range, diverse materials of construction; commonly used For wastewater, industrial, construction, farms, etc.


industry we serve

water treatment

water treatment

As a specialist for the wastewater industry we can offer you trush pumps which are designed with treatment works in mind.


Mining dewatering pumps are designed for open pit and underground mines for dewatering purpose.


Irrigation water pumps  are used in agriculture to increase the productivity of the harvest three times.

Pulp & Paper

In the pulp and paper industry, paper stock pumps are used.

Thermal & Power

In power plants, boiler feed water pumps and horizontal split type pumps are popularly used.


A heavy duty industrial process pump is used in the chemical process industry.

We Are Different

Excellence in Manufacturing

From the very beginning, Guzu Machinery has set as a primary objective the production of high quality pumps that suit the specific needs of each client. This has been possible through focusing our business in innovation and the specialization of production processes and services.

Quality Management

In Guzu Machinery we work every day to satisfy the wishes and expectations of our customers by increasing the quality of our services, both technical and commercial.

Quality Service

Every member of our staff is aware of and responsible for the quality of their work, but at the same time, we understand product quality and service as a common task of all areas and this requires the active integration of the entire company team. Therefore, the priority objective for the management are motivation and training at all levels..