Diesel engine Self Priming Pump Set

Diesel engine self-priming trash pump set

Guzu diesel engine self priming pump is designed for reliable solids and clear liquids handling. After initial priming, they continue to reprime automatically, they provides fast and cost effective pumping solution for larger jobs. Self priming pumps are designed to safely move water that contains debris and solids. They have large, open style impellers that can safely pass solids without being damaged. Another useful feature is the quick release system that allows easy access for cleaning out the pump case.

GZT- 4 inch diesel engine driven self priming pump set

• Flow to USGPM (m³/h): 450(102)

• Head to ft(m): 133(40.5)

• Maximum RPM: 1950

• Maximum Liquid Temperature: -10℃~+71℃

• Diesel Engine Brand: Cummins, Deutz, Perkins, Yanmar and Weichai.


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GZT- 6 inch diesel engine driven self priming pump set

• Flow to USGPM (m³/h): 1480(335)

• Head to ft(m): 109(33)

• Maximum RPM: 1550

• Maximum Liquid Temperature: -10℃~+71℃

• Diesel Engine Brand: Cummins, Deutz, Perkins, Yanmar and Weichai.


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GZT- 8 inch diesel engine driven self priming pump set

• Flow to USGPM(m³/h): 2600(600)

• Head to ft(m): 102(34)

• Maximum RPM: 1500

• Maximum Liquid Temperature: -10℃~+71℃

• Diesel Engine Brand: Cummins, Deutz, Perkins, Yanmar and Weichai.


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GZT- 10 inch diesel engine driven self priming pump set

• Flow to USGPM(m³/h): 3450(780)

• Head to ft(m): 129(39)

• Maximum RPM(RPM): 1500

• Maximum Liquid Temperature: -10℃~+71℃

• Diesel Engine Brand: Cummins, Deutz, Perkins, Yanmar and Weichai.


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Self priming trash pump set features and benefits

10 hours oil tank

Each Guzu's dewatering pump set have at least 10 hours oil tank to handle the daily work.

Skid, trailer and sound proofing canopy

Guzu's dewatering pump have skid, trailer-mounted and canopy pumps with integrated lifting bail, tie downs and fuel tank, easy transport and flexibility.

Affordable spare parts

Maintaince use afforadable spare parts are are readily available.

Quick delivery

Guzu's dewatering pump sets can be delivery within 30-40 days.

Fuel saving

Guzu's dewatering pump have lower fuel consumption to save your running cost.

Easy to operate

User manual and video to operate the pumps send along with the dewatering pump.

Your Reliable Dewatering Pump Supplier


Sewage Bypass

Open Pit Mine Dewatering
Construction Site Dewatering
Flood Control

0% Quality Complaint

Manufacture Test Certification

Guzu Machinery has advanced performance test station, QC inspection team, 100% inspected dewatering pump before shipment, guarantee the product quality and eliminate your concerns.

Guzu Machinery issue a testing certificate each order before shipment. Make sure the self priming trash pump set to meet the working point and all the requirements.

Genuine diesel engine power pack

1 Year Guarantee

Guzu Machinery guarantte each diesel engine of the dewatering pump are genuine, it have after-sale support provided by the diesel engine manufacture, it is easy to find a after sale service locally.

Each pump set have 1 year guarantee, if you have any problems just give us a call. If a problem falls within the manufacture's warranty conditions then we will send a new spare part to you with no cost.

Dewatering pump basic- The beinner's guide


Are you looking forward to buying reliable, high efficiency, cost-effective dewatering pumps for your industrial, commercial, mining, petroleum, agriculture, and municipal or public applications? We offer you the perfect landing pad at Guzu Machinery for the one-window solution to all your professional needs. Our customer services are expanded worldwide from Europe to North America, Asia, Australia, and Africa. Our 24/7 services range from supervision in technical and operating procedures to assisting maintenance and repairing facilities along with premium quality spare parts.

A brief glimpse over the dewatering pump guide book for their types, sizes, specifications, classifications, and applications will help you shortlist the ideal pumping solution for your business. We keep our products within the affordable price range to meet the standards of contemporary state-of-the-art quality pumps. Guzu Machinery obtains perfection in compact designing, simplicity, rigidity, and sustainability in construction and durability in functional characteristics of engineering.

Our range of affordable dewatering pumps such as diesel trash pump, diesel water pump, trailer water pump, groundwater pump, farm water pump, construction water pump, agriculture water pump, pit pump, storm water pump, irrigation pump, industrial water pump, self priming pump. Dewatering pumps cover all aspects of pumping from underground/ surface to construction sites, mining pits/quarries, flood, sewage, trash displacement, and agricultural demands.


What is Diesel engine dewatering pump

Diesel-driven dewatering pump is a trailer or base-mounted pump connected with a diesel engine to meet the enhanced power requirements for dewatering use. Its application ranges from construction, industrial, agricultural, mining, petroleum, and municipality operations. The capacity of the pump is defined by the operational requirements and geography of the site. They are available in diverse types, sizes, and characteristics.

Guzu's dewatering pumps have skid, trailer-mounted, and canopy pumps with integrated lifting bail, tie-downs, and fuel tanks, easy to transport and flexible for longer stretches of operation in severe work scenarios due to higher fuel capacity of at least 10 Hrs of continuous operation.


Types of diesel engine dewatering pumps

Guzu Machinery Dewatering solutions are ideal for every pumping and dewatering application. Available in multiple types suitable for construction, mining, flood, Stream diversion, municipality, and community dewatering applications. They are capable of intense loads in diverse circumstances during dewatering activities, handling trash, corrosive fluids, abrasive solids, and fibrous material. The most outstanding feature of diesel pumps is that they do not require an electrical supply and are readily movable. No additional starting device is required. The vast range of types and specifications can fulfill all your requirements efficiently and cost-effectively. Our engineers with over ten years of experience are well equipped with skill, knowledge, infrastructure, and technology to produce high efficiency and cost-effective diesel pumps for vast arrangements. Types of diesel-driven dewatering pumps range from Self-Priming Dewatering Pumps, Self-Priming Solid Handling Dewatering Pumps, Vacuum Assistant Dewatering Pumps, Industrial Dewatering pump(Split case pump, End suction pump, Multistage pump). For further breakdown let’s have a look at the table

Capacity up to
Head up to
Timperature handling
Diesel engine brand
Self priming dewatering pump

800 m³/h

60 m


Cummins, Deutz, Yanmar

Self priming solid handling dewatering pump

700 m³/h

60 m


Cummins, Deutz, Yanmar

Vacuum-assisted dewatering pump

2000 m³/h

120 m


Cummins, Deutz, Yanmar

Industrial dewatering pump

5000 m³/h

110 m


Cummins, Deutz, Yanmar

The application of the pump

Dewatering is the process of water removal. This process is carried out under certain circumstances to carry out required activities on the site. Apart from the minor applications, major activities need powerful tools to remove water from the site either on the surface or underground water-table. Diesel dewatering pumps are considered the perfect choice to handle large displacement of clean and contaminated water/ fluid from the site. The applications of diesel-dewatering pumps are:

·Mine dewatering ·Construction site dewatering ·Municipal ·Oil and gas working site dewatering ·Industrial dewatering ·Agriculture irrigation ·Wellpoint dewatering ·Firefighting equipment


Brand of diesel engine

Guzu Machinery is experienced in applying state-of-the-art technology at every stage of designing/manufacturing diesel dewatering sets. We focus on the simplicity of design for better accessibility, quality of material for long-lasting performance, and best engines for durability and stability of operations. Our dewatering pump sets equipped with diesel engines are known for their best reputation around the globe. Our trusted engine sets include Cummins, Deutz Technology, Yanmar, Perkins, and Weichai. Increasing efficiency and lowering the initial cost of dewatering sets is the phenomenon of choosing these engine sets for dewatering solutions. We also offer customized dewatering pumps as per customers’ requirements. Our perfect designs sizes of Suction and discharge, flow rates are capable of fulfilling dewatering activities of fluid types and working site requirements.


Several styles of diesel engine driven dewatering pump

Every situation of dewatering has its dynamics. It means a pump suitable in one condition will be worthless in another. Guzu Machinery focuses on every possibility before designing pumping solutions for multiple applications during different circumstances.

Our trailer-mounted dewatering pumps are easily transportable. The ability of comfortable relocation makes these machines a perfect choice for dewatering in remote areas or sites that require frequent relocation of pumps. Base mounted pumps with integrated lifting bails, tie-downs, and fuel tanks can operate for extended periods and are easily transportable to the site.

Working principle of diesel engine pump

In most cases, diesel-driven pumps are centrifugal. They have impellers inside a stationary housing called a casing. The function of these impellers is to produce centrifugal movement and convert rotary moment into the hydrodynamic energy of the fluid to displace it from the site. The construction of the pump is simple. It consists of two cords (pipelines) suction cord, discharge cord. The suction cord links the impeller-eye with the water reservoir. It is airtight to prevent air inflow in the flow line. The impeller connects to the engine through a shaft which drives the impeller to produce centrifugal pressure. There are three main impeller types used in dewatering pumps, closed impellers, semi-open impellers, and open impellers. The application of each impeller type solely depends on the fluid on the site. The application of closed impellers is for low viscosity fluids such as cold, hot, and acidic water. Semi-open impellers are applied where small pieces of contamination are present in the water. The vital applications of these types of impellers are for sewage purposes. Open-type impellers are the best choice for rough-duty applications. They can handle large pieces of contamination, debris, rocks, and other solids available in the liquid. The casing in which the impellers are moving is built with a rigid material to handle the high velocity of fuel passing through it. The material of the pump casing and impeller can be customized according to the transfer liquid.


Types of industrial pumps and their applications

Diesel engine driven self-priming trash pump

Diesel engine self-priming sewage pumps work on the flow velocity of the fluid produced by the rotary moment of impellers. These pumps are capable of displacing a high volume of sewage water. Their applications range from municipal works to sewage, construction, and industrial purposes such as food processing units, paper mills, textile, and chemical industries. These pumps are available in different sizes and styles. The famous types are trailer-mounted diesel dewatering pumps and base-mounted dewatering pumps.

Diesel engine driven split case pump

These pumps are usually horizontal in structure. The application of these pumps is irrigation, water supply for mining sites, petrochemical industry, coal processing, power plants, and environmental projects. These pumps are easy to maintain and rectify as they do not need extensive dismantling during maintenance.

Diesel engine driven multi-stage pump

These pumps are centrifugal in construction but differ from conventional centrifugal pumps due to the number of impellers driven through the same shaft. These pumps have two or more impellers to enhance the power of the pump.

Diesel engine driven end suction pump

 These pumps are also centrifugal in construction for pumping high volumes of water from industrial, construction, and mining sites. Their application also extends to flood water disposal and stream diversion. The working principle of these is the same as conventional centrifugal pumps.


How much does a diesel engine dewatering pump cost

Multiple factors determine the cost of diesel driven dewatering pumps such as type of pump, the capacity, length of suction and discharge pipe, brand of diesel engine, power of the engine, type of fluid to be pump, etc. below is a brief table of price range as per the information mentioned:

Diesel engine driven self-priming pump

800 m³/h

30 m

Base mounted

$ 6500

Diesel engine driven split case pump

700 m³/h

50 m

Skid mounted

$ 8500

Diesel engine driven multistage pump

2000 m³/h

100 m

Sound attenuated canoply

$ 8000

Diesel engine driven end suction pump

5000 m³/h

70 m


$ 5500

Vacuum assistant dewatering pump

5000 m³/h

40 m

Trailer mounted

$ 7500

Advantages and Benefits


Higher Efficiency

Diesel engine dewatering pumps are suitable for all working conditions due to easy transportation, rigid body structure, compact design, no external power source requirements, easy handling, and fewer maintenance requirements. The diesel engine makes it comfortable to water large areas due to higher thrust and comfort displacement.


Faster relocation while working on a site especially community services, mining projects, and oil fields when the frequent movement of the equipment is required. Mining projects are carried out in remote areas where electric power is rarely available. In order to operate an electric pump additional power generation system is required. Diesel-powered pumps offer convenient and operational currency.


Guzu machinery products respond better during floods, heavy water breakdowns, rainy weather, stream diversion, and other natural disasters or job requirements. The frequent relocation of pumps for covering