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Why choose Guzu dewatering pump for municipal drainage projects?

Municipality Drainage

Municipality drainage is described as the displacement of water through the urban drainage system. Managing the heavy flow of water through highly populated and concentrated areas is a complex job. It gets more challenging when the stormwater rushes into the city and takes billions of dollars of property at stake, traffic jamming, and floods in the settled areas. To cater to all these unsolicited situations, a dependable municipality drainage system is imperative.

The management of the heavy inflow and the aftermath solutions of displacing water out of the city to a designated location needs a scientific approach. It means to preserve the natural habitat, public property, and infrastructure without causing hassle to the community. In normal circumstances, the drainage infrastructure is designed for sewage and handling extended water to some extent. When the water break down is massive, the drainage system collapses and causes a flood scenario in the settlements. To meet the challenges, municipality drainage involves experts’ recommendations to define drains' location, the size of the allocated area, the depth of the drainage system, and effective and prompt responding emergency pumping solutions when required.

Guzu machinery drainage solutions

In most cases, the designated locations for displaced water are ditches, berms, ponds, buffer strips, or creeks situated in remote areas. When the heavy water comes in, it causes hassle for the existed drainage system to pass heavy water with contaminants. Results in blockage, overflow through drainage lines, and forming up in nearby areas. This water accumulation becomes a potential hazard for the population and infrastructure that sometimes leads to fetal incidents if left alone for long. A reliable pumping solution is required to maintain large volumes of water disposal efficiently.

Guzu machinery drainage solutions for municipality dewatering operations are equipped with leading-edge technology to cater to emergencies during the drainage operations. Our dewatering pumps are durable, compact, and engineered for the best performance, user-friendly operation, and multiple sizes for small, medium, and large-scale drainage applications. Our drainage pumps have qualities that no other pumping solutions offer for the long run, long-lasting and frequent drainage operations such as:

  • Non-clog Impeller
  • Quick Removable Cover Plate
  • Renewable Wear Plate
  • Seal Specifications
  • Back-pull Rotor Assembly

GZT Solid Handling Self-priming Pump

Guzu machinery dewatering pumps and trash pumps are the best performing machines for public dewatering applications. They can pump up to a massive 6300 GPM wastewater with hazardous solid particles up to 3” diameter effectively due to their state-of-the-art semi-open impeller designs. The structure of the dewatering pump is blockage-free to maintain continuous and long-lasting drainage operations for municipality operations. Their faster transportation to the site and ready-to-operate properties make them more compatible to handle emergencies more effectively. 

GZT self-priming pumps are designed for rugged and dependable solid handling applications. These pumps are capable of heavy-duty operations in a hot and cold environment equally. Their easy-to-maintain design provides economical and trouble-free operation in handling solid-laden and slurries. Brief information of our range of dewatering pumps is:

Self-priming Trash Pump 

Flow upto 6300 USGPM

Maximum speed = 2100 RPM

Maximum Liquid Temperature: -10℃~+71℃

Power: Diesel Engine, Electric Motor

Size: 2-12 inch

Series of Diesel Trash Pumps,

4 Inch Engine Driven Trash Pump

Design Flow 600USGPM

Design Head 93 Feet

Maximum operating speed = 1950RPM 

Maximum Liquid Temperature: -10℃~+71℃

Diesel Engine Brand: Cummins, Johndeere, Deutz

6 Inch Diesel Trash Pump

Design Flow 1100 USGPM

Design Head 79 Feet

Maximum operating speed =1500 RPM

Maximum Liquid Temperature: -10℃~+71℃

Diesel Engine Brand: Cummins, Perkins

8 Inch Engine Driven Trash Pump

Design Flow 2080 USGPM 

Design Head 70 Feet

Maximum operating speed 1350RPM: 

Maximum Liquid Temperature: -10℃~+71℃

Diesel Engine Brand: Cummins, Johndeere, Deutz

Guzu Machinery dewatering Solutions for Various applications

  • Diesel engine driven split case pump set is a perfect response to the flood, contaminated industrial drainage, municipality dewatering applications
  • Diesel engine driven end suction pump sets are applied for mining, irrigation, firefighting applications, and desalination projects
  • GZT Series of diesel engine-driven self-priming pump sets are compatible, high-efficiency, large capacity dewatering solutions for construction, industrial, mining, and different wastewater disposal applications
  • Trailer mounted self-priming trash pump sets designed for heavy-duty dewatering applications where frequent movement of pumps is required. These pumps are applicable for water contaminated with trash, debris, sludge, slurry, etc.
  • Base mounted self-priming sewage pump sets for pumping applications that do not need frequent relocation. Industrial sewage is one of the prime applications of these pumps




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