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Guzu Machinery dewatering pumps cover a wide range of pumping applications for industrial and commercial installations. We provide services to keep the process running smoothly and finish timely. Our Low-cost and highly efficient dewatering services cover almost every factor of watering and dewatering applications. We also provide rental dewatering solutions for construction, Municipality, and Mining industries to reduce project cost and high reliability of equipment.

In many cases, the requirement for a dewatering system is temporary, like lowering the water table for a construction site, mining, or sewage operations. Instead of purchasing an entire lot of pumping equipment for a one-time application, clients prefer to minimize cost through rental services. Guzu machinery collaborates with rental dewatering equipment providers who serve industries, construction, and corporations.

Guzu Machinery has a complete inventory of dewatering pumps for its valued customers. If you are a contractor or a business owner, do not run around the city to find a perfect dewatering solution for your dewatering, sewage, drainage, mining, construction, irrigation, and industrial requirements. Our skilled engineers will run you through the best pumping equipment virtually or physically and guide you about the types, sizes, characteristics, performance, etc.

Get back to us at https://www.guzumachinery.com. We will assist you to shortlist flexible and cost-effective pumping equipment that will help you expand your client base and enhance your rental business by winning customers s’ trust. We provide dewatering equipment, Gensets, Accessories effective for every predictable and unpredictable working condition around the world to maintain a peaceful and uninterrupted workflow for various applications. You can trust Guzu Machinery equipment for :

  • Lowering the underground water table
  • Construction Site dewatering
  • Underground sewage
  • Temperature control for power generation units
  • Boiler feed
  • Hydraulic Fracturing
  • Farming and irrigation
  • Desalination Project
  • Afforestation
  • Mining
  • Sewage bi-pass
  • Flood Control
  • Municipality operations
  • Large-scale drainage applications

We manufacture small, medium, and large-scale dewatering equipment to provide high efficiency, robust, cost-effective, and long-lasting dewatering solutions with assurance of pre and post-purchase 24/7 technical assistance. We also design prime quality spare parts for servicing, repairing on the site, and overhauling at our diagnostic and maintenance shop. Our team of skilled and seasoned technical forces also provide on-the-spot solutions for minor or major maintenance of a complete dewatering system to keep the operations running smoothly.

Inventory List of Guzu Machinery Diesel Engine Dewatering Pumps

Guzu Machinery non-clog and highly efficient dewatering solutions are designed to pump a high volume of clean water, acidic fluids, sludge, slurries, and large particles of rocks, debris, and fibers for various industrial, mining, and constructional dewatering applications. We manufacture all types of dewatering solutions, including diesel engine driven, skid-mounted, trailer-mounted, and soundproof canopy types. You can also contact us for custom design dewatering equipment and accessories according to your local requirements. At Guzu Machinery we design:

· Self-Priming Trash Pump

· Diesel engine self-priming trash pump set

· Trailer Mounted self-priming trash pump set

· Skid Mounted self-priming trash pump set

· 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 inch diesel engine driven self-priming pump sets

· Diesel engine driven water pump set

· Diesel engine driven end suction pump set

· Diesel engine driven multistage pump set

· Diesel engine driven split case pump set

· Trailer Mounted Pump | Diesel Engine Irrigation Pump

· Genuine Cummins/Deutz Technology/ Diesel Generator and Marine Power Pack Supply.

· Submersible Sewage Pump


Guzu Machinery Centrifugal pumps are the top-performing dewatering pumps due to the efficiency to move large volumes of water with non-clog design, owner-friendly features, portability, comfort maintenance, and rugged packing. Our heavy-duty and state-of-the-art pumping technology provides the best performance due to the innovative double-volute design ensures minimal clogging and optimized efficiency. Hardened and tempered pump components maintain performance during frequent transportation and relocation. Additional features of Guzu Machinery dewatering pumps are

· High Fuel Capacity

· Skid, trailer and sound proofing canopy outfits

· Prime quality spare parts on reasonable price range

· Fuel Economy

· Owners’ friendly operating system


Case Study

Lowering water table for the installation of Irrigation Line

Lowering water table for the installation of Irrigation Line

During deep excavation for an irrigation line installation in a highly remote area, a closer water table represented a troublesome hindrance in the installation process. When the excavation reached below 15 feet, the underground water started pouring out, and the base turned into a pond. Proceeding on the project got impossible, and the management halted further excavation. Due to a large-scale development project, a reliable dewatering system was required to sustain the performance for long-term operations in rough environmental conditions. Secondly, a cost-effective pumping system to fence the dewatering operations within the amount allocated for the project. Guzu Machinery was approached by the contractor for a suitable dewatering pump to lower the water table from the site. A team of experts at Guzu Machinery examined the working conditions, the landscape of the area, and the amount of water to be extracted. They recommend GZT 10 inch diesel engine-driven self-priming pump set 

For the intense working conditions, high atmospheric temperature, and unpredictable water quality. The pump was custom-designed to move up to 600m3/h with 35 meter Head and equipped with a Cummins engine set. Due to urgency, our technical staff made it possible to deliver the dewatering system earlier than it could take in PEACE-TIME. A VTP (virtual training program) was carried out for operators to train them on the system. Our technical staff also made sure to keep in touch with the operators to assist them during dewatering operations. The entire pumping process was carried out smoothly and frequently without experiencing any malfunction in the pump components or the engine set. The uninterrupted operation of the dewatering pump during the entire process earned great appreciation from the customer. The subsequent response we got from the customer was that Guzu Machinery won two more orders for extended versions of the Submersible Sewage Pump and Diesel engine self-priming trash pump set. . Customer satisfaction and trust are our pride. We endeavor to build an everlasting working relationship with clients who stop at our warehouse physically or virtually through our website.

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