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Industrial sewage is wastewater drainage during and past production for an industrial application. The water may have a suspension of solid particles, debris, slurry, sludge, abrasives, and contamination of acidic material. The word DAMAGING refers to all types of damages such as equipment performance and life-cycle reduction, human safety, environmental vulnerability, etc. Industrial sewage consists of both dewatering and processing of suspensions that may differ from one application to another due to the type of contamination available in the fluid. Industries release different types of contaminants based on the type of production, the form of pollutant depends upon the raw material used in manufacturing or production. Food and beverage, Textile, petrochemicals, paper, Power production produce a high amount of waste during the production process. Industries that release high-density industrial rejects are:

  • High fiber contaminants in sewage water of Knitting Industry
  • A higher proportion of sludge, slurry, and solids in Oil and Gas
  • Engineering abrasives, metal waste, acid inclusion in sewage
  • Manufacturing abrasives, metal waste, acid inclusion in sewage
  • By-products of Food and beverage processing acidic inclusion
  • Acidic remains of Cosmetics Industry

Head to
Capacity to
GZT-4 diesel trash pump set

165 m³/h

40 m

650-1950 RPM

GZT-6 diesel trash pump set

335 m³/h

33 m

650-1550 RPM

GZT-8 diesel trash pump set

600 m³/h

34 m

650-1550 RPM

GZT-10 diesel trash pump set

780 m³/h

39 m


Industrial sewage needs a multidimensional approach to cater to diverse upcoming situations. Guzu Machinery Engine Driven Sewage Pumps are available in skid-mounted and trailer-mounted designs, capable of handling versatile pumping conditions due to high-efficiency pumping solutions. Their powerful pumping efficiency, high volume dewatering capacity, handling acidic suspension, slurry, sludge, fibers, different types of food waste, and high head discharge make them a powerful tool to handle industrial sewage cost-effectively. Guzu machinery pumping solutions can handle a high volume of sewage operations effectively. These pumps are available in various sizes, models, and materials to cater to a broad array of industrial sewage applications.

GZT- 4 Inch Diesel Engine Driven Self-Priming Pump Set

Bare pump net weight 259.5kg, with a high solid handling capacity of up to 76,2mm is designed for industrial sewage applications. Significantly broad 247.65mm Semi‐Open type impellers molded with Ductile Iron in stainless steel impeller shaft housed in stainless steel casing is a perfect solution for rugged and dependable solid handling applications. This type of pump can operate at extreme working temperatures. A vast temperature span extends from very low -10 ℃ to a reasonably high 71 ℃.

GZT- 6 inch diesel engine driven self-priming pump set

Bare pump net weight 364kg with RPM range from 650 to 1550, Ductile Iron Semi‐Open type impellers fitted on stainless steel shaft are rigid, long-lasting, and applicable for all types of impurities including Acidic fluids, slurry, debris, fibrous contaminants, etc. These pumps are proven for best in performance, cost-effective and uninterrupted operation in handling sludge, slurries and solid-laden liquids, and other types of industrial remains. The simplicity of design is the benchmark of Guzu Machinery Diesel-Engine pumps which makes them easy to maintain and repair. All dewatering applications are equipped with removable cover plate, and renewable wear plate to minimize maintenance cost, time, the unnecessary dismantling of components.

GZT- 8 inch diesel engine driven self-priming pump set

Operational stability and functional reliability through Standard Plated Steel hardware for extended performance in rough working conditions and handling high toxic fluid is a vital characteristic of this type of industrial drainage pump. Rapid self-priming properties and high suction head of the pump increase the performance. Stainless steel casing contains hardened and tempered semi-open non-clog type broad 374.65mm impellers and equipment capable of bearing pressure up to 79 PSI. These high capacity self-priming transfer pumps for large-scale industrial sewage are highly efficient to drain by-product remains of chemical, engineering, knitting, leather, beverages, and food industries.

GZT- 10 inch diesel engine driven self-priming pump set

High head and 3450 USGPM pumping capacity with self-priming quality makes this type of dewatering pumps an absolute match for industrial waste water removal. Semi Open type, two vane non-clog impellers of hard duty Ductile Iron material improves pumps endurance to maintain performance for intense duty operations. The immaculate inner structure of the pump is holistically engineered to remove complex impurities of industrial waste persistently. They are reliable in unattended operations, delayed maintenance schedules, and fuel economy.

Guzu Machinery endeavors to meet high marks in producing cost-effective, state-of-the-art, reliable, and owners’ friendly dewatering pumps to obtain 360-degree operational requirements. We aim to provide a variety of pumping solutions for efficient dewatering of high volumes of ground and contaminated water. Our diesel engine-driven dewatering pumps are capable of adjusting to Variable frequency requirements as per the demand of the time and type of fluid to be pumped through d throttle control which reduces wear and tear of movable components, fuel consumption, and overworking of the pump. Our versatile products cover a variety of pumping applications for convenient transportation, easy installation, maintenance-friendly mechanism, high performance, and reliability. We design different pumping solutions to cover every aspect of operational requirements. Our prime products are:

Portable sludge pumps with Diesel Engine are suitable for industrial sewage, mine dewatering, handling slurry of oil refineries, food processing setups, and municipality operations.

Diesel-engine driven split case pumps can remove big particles, debris, trash, slurry, sludge, and fibrous contamination.

Diesel engine-driven fire-fighting pumps for high thrust to cover a wider area, high-temperature endurance, and faster priming to handle emergencies. Diesel-Engine driven Irrigation Pumps for watering crops. These high head pumping solutions are available in trailer-mounted and Skid-mounted designs. Diesel-Engine driven dewatering pumps are applicable for all types of operations. The best suitability of this type of pump is for mining projects, pit dewatering, flood water removal, and lowering the underground water table.




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