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Dewatering in the construction sites is the process of water removal from of the groundwater and surface water. It is necessary for the land to prepare for construction well before the project is started. The process of dewatering is imperative to maintain efficient construction work. It is also important to establish a secure working environment for workers and for building safety in the long run.


Dewatering on a construction site is done before carrying out construction activities such as drilling and excavation for foundations, basements, and shoring. Being the primary task for a construction project dewatering requires efficient equipment capable of removing water from the ground and surface.

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Why the dewatering pumps is important for construction site?

Types of pumps for dewatering may vary in operation. Typical pumps are submersible, trash pump and well-point pumps. Power source for pumps can be electric motors or diesel engines. The suitability depends upon intensity of working situation as stated before.

For heavy duty operations both machines (electric-operated and engine-driven) have been evaluated for their performance, fuel economy and efficiency. The results came out in favor of diesel-powered machines to be more effective to handle tough circumstances.



Once established that the diesel dewatering pumps are more compatible with construction works, choosing the right pump for dewatering purpose involves many factors. Type of pump, brand of diesel engine, dewatering pump capacity, head, suction and discharge pipe need to be examined before opting for a suitable pump.



In urban or remote settlements where municipal or water resource projects are planned, diesel pumps become more relevant due to less infrastructure requirements for installation, transportation and relocation. Fuel economy as compared to the cost required to operate electric pumps of the same caliber is another upper edge to diesel pumps. They are built rigid to stand all types of environmental conditions, work intensity, longer operational hours and convenient handling.



The accumulation of sludge and other materials on the ground is apparent whenever digging or drilling executed. Diesel pumps can handle sludgy water way better than its counterparts. The crucial difference which matters a lot in this scenario is the difference of operating power which can remove the unwanted material (water, sludge, debris, swamp) more efficiently.


The subsequent and equally essential consideration in a row during construction dewatering process is the disposal of extracted fluid at suitable place. The more the length of the discharge duct the more the power required to travel the fluid. It shows that the power required at suction phase is equal to the power required at discharge, if both suction and discharge ducts are of the same length.



Comfort handling, Low servicing cost, less tool requirements for maintenance, invariable power source, and reliability to different work situations and strength against unpredictable situations while executing different phases of construction are the characteristics of diesel-powered dewatering pumps. They are responsive even if the servicing schedule is not followed as per servicing manual’s instruction. The diesel dewatering pumps have capability to offer best performance in a cost-effective manner. It is very important for construction dewatering.




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