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In the context of dewatering, the word BYPASS depicts the temporary or permanent deflection of effluent. It may be in response to obstruction in flow paths such as pipeline damage, sewer system breakdown, a natural disaster like a flood or heavy rains, or a development project on water passage. These types of pumping solutions are applied for public works such as:

  • Sewer diversion in case the infrastructure chokes due to aging
  • Sediment removal from the sewage system
  • Execution of construction activities on rivers, canals, or streams
  • Flood Diversion to save public lives and properties.
  • Shoreline construction or reconstruction

Updating a sewage system is a continuous job. Therefore the requirement of a reliable bypass system is imperative to maintain the sewage flow when the development of the system is in progress. A complete inventory of tools and equipment is required to get the job done without affecting the routine run of life. Bypass dewatering is applied when the construction activities affect the flow of water. There are three types of bypass systems:

  • Open Bypass system
  • Closed Bypass system
  • Combination Bypass system

The open bypass system is applied for canal and river diversion diversions when major construction or reconstruction activities such as dam construction, sand or sediments removal from dams, canals, and irrigation systems are conducted.

A closed bypass system is applied when reconstruction or sediment control operations are conducted in closed paths, such as sewage lines. It’s a complex task due to variable flow rates in sewage lines.

A closed bypass system is applied when reconstruction or sediment control operations are conducted in closed paths, such as sewage lines. It’s a complex task due to variable flow rates in sewage lines. 

Sewage Bypass

Sewage bypass is a critical part of municipality operations. Over time the sewage capacity reduces due to aging of the existing infrastructure, sludge and slurry accumulation in the lining, or abandoned system. Local management acquires a reasonable stock of bypass equipment to respond to such unsolicited conditions. 

Guzu’s dewatering system incorporates the best pumping solutions for sewage bypass to uphold peak performance to tackle emergencies to maintain sewage during development operations. Our expertise in manufacturing the right pumping equipment will ensure 100% accuracy to deflect sewers without affecting community life. We provide sewer line size pipes, accessories, and pump sets accurate for sewage bypass applications. Our team of experts collaborate with local management and assess every possibility that includes:

  • Depth of sewer system
  • Size of sewer pipeline
  • Flow rate
  • Work duration

The combination Bypass system involves both closed and open bypass systems to complete the work. In this system, the water is pumped from an open source to a closed source and vice versa.

How to Choose a Right Dewatering Pump for Bypass Operations

Diverse parameters need to be applied before opting for a relevant dewatering solution. The equipment selected for bypass dewatering should withstand the intense working conditions when the operations are executed in emergencies or responding to natural disasters. Some of the features when adopting a dewatering pump for bypass purposes are:

  • Faster installation
  • Easy to operate
  • Timely execution
  • Convenient relocation
  • Long operational continuity
  • Highly efficient equipment
  • High fuel capacity
  • Long suction and discharge hoses
  • Ability to handle solid impurities


Guzu Machinery dewatering pumps for bypass purposes are rugged, highly efficient, and capable of moving large volumes of clean and sewage water. We also provide expertise in order to maintain operational frequency in a cost-effective manner. Whether it’s urban sewage bypass or remotely situated flood management system, Guzu Pumps are tested for their best performance, mobility, huge pumping capacity, long hour operations, and reliability.

Guzu Machinery diesel engine driven water pumps are equipped with Cummins, Deutz, Perkins, Yanmar, and Weichai engine sets, capable of upholding best performance in severe temperatures from -10℃-85℃, maintain a persistent flow up to 6000 m³/h discharge head spans up to 600 meters or beyond if custom designed. These pumps are centrifugal in construction, with no inlet or discharge valve.

For contaminated water bypass, Guzu’s Trash Pumps are designed to handle solid particles up to 3-inch volume without affecting the amount of flow. These pumps are also designed to efficiently handle sludge, slurries, and other damaging elements. High pumping capacity and operational reliability in volatile working conditions prove these pumps a right fit for sewer Bypass, flood diversions, and rainwater defluxion. These pumps are available in a variety of sizes and types. A brief introduction of trash pumps is tabled below:

  • Benefits of Diesel Engine-Driven Trash Pumps for sewage Bypass
  • State-of-the-art impeller design
  • Maximum Slid handling capacity up to 3 inches (75 mm)
  • Available in skid-mounted and trailer-mounted versions for easy mobility.​
  • Up to 24 feet suction-lift
  • Longer Discharge Head to cover longer span Bypass Operations
  • Up to 12-inch discharge head for a large volume of water removal
  • Installed with reliable Engine Set (Diesel Engine Brand: Cummins, Johndeere, Deutz)
  • Long-Lasting, Cost-effective, Operator-friendly, Easy maintenance


Other Applications of Guzu’s Dewatering Pumps

Guzu Machinery endeavors to provide solutions for divers pumping requirements along with Sewage Bypass for municipal operations. We design reliable and efficient dewatering systems for diverse applications for industrial, construction, and mining industries. In addition to sewage bypass, our dewatering solutions cover a broad range of dewatering applications such as:

  • Industrial dewatering
  • Irrigation watering
  • Trash Handling
  • Large scale dewatering from mining pits
  • Construction site dewatering
  • Irrigation and farm watering
  • WellPoint dewatering
  • Surface, excavation, mines dewatering,
  • Wastewater pumping
  • Sludge and slurry pumping




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