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Irrigation is described as an artificial method of water supply to the land for agricultural purposes. When the natural source of water supply, such as inconsistent rain, is not enough for the land to fulfill the agricultural needs, applying an efficient irrigation system substitutes it effectively. There are different methods of irrigation that include surface irrigation, sub-surface irrigation, sprinkle irrigation, whereas the surface irrigation method has further subdivisions into different sections.

Guzu Machinery Diesel Pumps for Irrigation

Guzu Machinery irrigation pumps are capable of providing large volumes of water for irrigation. These high-efficiency pumping solutions are convenient to install and equipped with user-friendly operating systems. Engine-driven trailer-mounted and skid-mounted pumps are designed to maintain operational stability, durability, convenient transportation, and relocation according to the job demand. Pumps are classified as End-Suction irrigation Pumps, Multi-stage Irrigation Pumps, Self-priming centrifugal irrigation pumps, etc. These pumps can effectively handle freshwater, contaminated water, corrosive and chemical Media.

Diesel Engine Irrigation Pumps Characteristics.

Guzu Machinery End-Suction pumping solutions are equipped with 32-250 mm discharge with a capacity of up to 1000m3/h. The RPM range from 1450 to 3500 for different sizes and applications. The length of the discharge head is up to 80 m for long-distance irrigation applications. They can efficiently operate in working temperatures from –10℃ to 85℃. These pumps are suitable for Irrigation, Firefighting, Cooling, and Construction applications. The back pull-out design of pumps makes maintenance easy and cost-effective. Our range of pumping applications covers a vast array of utilities. We design irrigation pumps, diesel-engine powered water pumps, flood draining pumps, centrifugal pumps, etc.


  • A broad range of applications with high efficiency
  • Operational stability Durable, safe, and easy transportation
  • Simple operating procedure
  • Maintenance-friendly mechanism.
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Smooth operation for long hours

Although the prime utility of these pumps appears to be best for irrigation, these pumps are also capable of handling diverse watering/dewatering applications. Guzu Machinery Trailer Mounted Pumps and skid mounted pumps are suitable for fire-fighting equipment, industrial dewatering applications, steel factories, power plants, chemical factories, water transfer, flood water handling, mine dewatering, water control in reservoirs, drainage of sewage pond, and municipality operations as per conditions due to their versatile structural design.

Diesel Engine brand and specifications

Guzu Machinery engine-driven pumps are equipped with high-performance equipment. They are installed with Cummins, Deutz, Perkins, Yanmar, and Weichai engine sets for operational stability at every stage of the pumping process. These engines are known for their best performance and capability to bear hardworking situations, fuel economy, maintenance-friendly structure, absorbing shock, and smooth starting in cool and hot weather. We look forward to establishing a long-term working relationship with our customers based on trust and confidence. Our team is always ready to assist with maintenance, rectification, and operation activities on demand. We also provide prime-quality spare parts for follow-up maintenance.

Benefits of association with Guzu Machinery

Guzu machinery relies on its best services and long-term working relationship with clients around the world. We are committed to helping customers by providing them with cost-effective state-of-the-art irrigation solutions and post-purchase assistance throughout the journey. We are applying a number of methods to minimize the risks of downtime during operational activities. Therefore, we uphold the best manufacturing practices of pumping solutions by following strict quality assurance.

  • Some of the features are:
  • On-the-spot Technical assistance
  • Premium quality Replaceable Parts
  • Timely delivery of equipment
  • One year equipment warranty
  • Strict QA/QC of every component before installation and during the functional check

Case Study

Efficiency of Guzu Machinery Irrigation Pump

A sugarcane farmer dissipated a demonstration of pump efficiency testing on his farm as part of the efficiency testing program organized by Guzu machinery management. Guzu Machinery engineers conducted the assessment on the site by operating engine driven irrigation pump and electrically operated pump and analyzed variables involved in the entire process. Other farmers from the town were also invited to review the process. The pump efficiency assessment involved composite analysis and comparison of pressure, flow rate, operational and maintenance viability between electric operated pump and Guzu machinery diesel-driven pump. The motive of the entire practice was to assess the operational capability and difference of input cost between engine-driven irrigation pump and electric operated vintage pump. The farmer had an electric operated pump installed for irrigation.

Pump Specifications

1. 3 phase 90kw end suction centrifugal pump for irrigation

Max Head     :  90 meter

Maximum Flow :  400m3/h


2. Trailer Mounted Pump | Diesel Engine Irrigation Pump

    Max Head        :  90 m

    Maximum Flow   :  1000m3/h

    Medium Temperature  :  –10℃~+85℃

The water supply pump was located by the farm storage pond in a fixed position. The pump was fitted with an upgraded version of a variable frequency electric motor and a broad drain cord for water suction from the pond. A small standby generator was also installed for emergency source in case of power failure. Whereas the trailer-mounted engine-driven irrigation pump was deliberately selected for assessment and comparison. Easy transportation of the trailer-mounted pump to the site and relocation flexibility as compared to the fixed structure of the electric pump was a vital difference among both. Secondly, engine driven pump was found compatible with watering needs for its compact design and single assembly structure. No external power supply or standby power source was required for operation. The engine-driven pump was also found more attuned with variant pumping conditions and maintained the consistent flow rate. Whereas the electric pump needs a separate arrangement of power supply, a standby source of power supply (most probably a diesel driven Genset). It indicated the energy requirement for electric motor pump was more than that consumed by the engine-driven pump. Fuel consumption assessment also revealed the fuel economy of the engine-driven pump was proportionally more cost-effective than the cost of electricity consumed by the electric pump. Further examination of the pump revealed that the diesel engine-driven irrigation system is a user-friendly and cost-effective, durable, and safe investment in the long run.

Vital features of the diesel-driven pump are:

  • Low wear and tear of the components
  • Maintenance viability on the site
  • Low rectification and servicing cost
  • High durability of the engine and pump components
  • High operational frequency of the pump
  • Single body pumping solution




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