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Dewatering is a complex job. As a worldwide dewatering equipment provider, Fuxin Guzu Trading Co.,Ltd. (Guzu Machinery) endeavors to keep dewatering operations simple, swift, and precise. We optimize dewatering equipment for every application to provide the best solutions to your problems. Our focus is to introduce versatile dewatering methods to counter the diversity of the task.

Our Technical force will help you choose the right dewatering equipment for your business, provide guidelines for operations, and technical support in case of unserviceability.

Guzu Machinery provides state-of-the-art technology and up-to-mark engineering tactics to meet all the challenges for small, medium, and large-scale dewatering requirements.

We aim to design Efficient, Cost-Effective, and reliable equipment for industries, community works, and sewage operations. Our dewatering equipment can operate in rough working conditions, perform long-hour operations due to low fuel consumption, and maintain serviceability without adequate maintenance on work sites.

Customer satisfaction is our prime priority which drives us to find out-of-the-box solutions that others cannot. We endeavor to build a long-lasting working relationship with you.

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Please contact us using the form below or send inquiry to guzumachinery@gmail.com

Guzu Machinery can customize your dewatering pump and also design a solution for your pumping job.

How we help?

As a performance-oriented team, we endeavor to introduce pumping solutions based on flexibility, performance, mobility, high capacity, and reliability.

We provide one-window operation right from placing an order through to the delivery of the equipment. We will ensure comfort dealing through our attitude, trust-building through reliable equipment, long-lasting relationships through competitive pricing.

We focus on expanding our clientele by assuring timely delivery of equipment, providing real-time technical assistance, prime quality replaceable for maintenance and rectification, and custom design for specific requirements.

Being a worldwide provider, we focus on every possibility before offering a solution to your requirement. Our dewatering systems are fabricated according to the dynamics of the region.

Our Mission

The right answer to the right task at the right time

Our Vission
Building trust and authority with our valued customers
Our Goals

Providing the ideal dewatering equipment

Why choose us?

If you are a firsthand user or a contractor and want to rocket your business to the top, get back to Guzu Machinery for your upcoming projects. We are here to twist the odds in your favor. Our dewatering solutions are cost-effective, efficient, and reliable. Capable of displacing large volumes of water swiftly and cost-effectively. We offer what others don’t. You will find us standing by you at every stage. Our team is available 24/7 to remove obstructions you are prone to encounter during the dewatering operation. We offer:

One Year Warranty

Post-Purchase Technical Assistance

Genuine Spare Parts

Swift turnaround for your emergency needs

Being one of the largest producers of dewatering equipment, we offer a high cut-down price on our indigenously manufactured equipment and spare parts. Engine sets and other sourced equipment also keep the same offer because we purchase bulk quantities from the manufacturers at discount prices which we pass on to our customers. Contractors and dealers can enjoy a lot more in terms of perks and privileges on purchasing volumes of our dewatering equipment. Contact us, and we will negotiate.






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