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High Capacity Pumping Solutions For Flood Water Removal

Flood water is catastrophic, especially a heavy inflow towards public settlements ruins the entire runoff life. It gets properties, buildings, infrastructure, and businesses at stake.  Causes topographical change, wildlife heritage and green cover of the land deformation, Underground water table rise, bringing devastating outcomes for construction, industries, and municipality setups.


Existing drainage facilities in local settlements designed for municipality operations cannot deal with intense water breakdowns during flooding. Peripherals such as Sludge, trash, the garbage that intrude with flood water become Icing on the cake. It results in more resources allocation to restore, rebuild, and reactivate routine runoff life. Municipality arrangements are equipped with stand-by solutions to cater to unpredictable situations.


Guzu Machinery endeavors to produce responsive solutions based on a scientific approach to cater to flooding and water surge during rainy seasons. Secondly, an installment that works uninterruptedly and provides all-weather operational reliability. Especially designed GZS split case double suction centrifugal pumps developed to meet new generation high-efficiency and energy-saving pumping requirements with modern design and advanced technology.

Split Case Double Suction Pump

GZS split case double suction centrifugal pumps are designed on innovative ideas using diesel-engine to provide excellent pumping solutions. They are developed to meet high-efficiency requirements during flood breakdowns and cost-effectively relocation of heavy water. These pumps offer high efficiency in pumping large-scale applications. They are rigid, reliable, and reluctant to all damages.

Features of GZS, GZSL series standard axially split double suction pumps

·  Large water displacement capacity

·  Optimum Performance and reliability

·  High filtration of solid particles

·  Sustainability against abrasives

·  Compact design, comfort Maintenance

·  long-lasting components operational capability

·  2-5 percent higher efficiency than the pump of the same caliber

·  Cost-effective, up to 5% Fuel Economy


Guzu Machinery Split Case Pump is your trusted partner to fight floods, storms, and heavy rains. They are available in various types, sizes, specifications, classifications, and customized versions as per the demand of the application. Our skilled team of engineers is available to assist you in figuring out the perfect match for your operational requirements. Our designed pumping solutions are tested and proven best for specific applications. The technical team is available 24/7 to assist you throughout the execution of pumps operations. A composite overview of specifications of the pump sets tabled for owners' facilitation.


317-618 m³/h

28-71 m

72-82 %

GZS 150-460F

260-527 m³/h

28-65 m

74-81 %

GZS 150-605E

378 -700 m³/h

55-112 m

75-81 %

GZS 150-605F

323-617 m³/h

50-98 m

72-79 %

Pump selection for a specific requirement is a crucial task, it includes certain parameters to take care of to get the optimum performance and maximize the output. One of the most neglected categories that most of the customers do not take care of is NPSH (Net Positive Suction Head). It’s an important factor that prevents bubbles formation (cavitation) at the inlet of the pump. These bubbles may cause complete damage to the pump. NPSH should be positive to minimize bubble formation (details available in the pump catalog). Guzu Machinery Split case pump selection is designed considering all the requirements of physical and operational durability and reliability. Hence NPSH ranges from Positive 3.2 m to 3.9 m is a considerable figure to keep the pump healthy for a long-term operational capability.


Global warming is turning out to be a threat to the world that causes enormous changes in the environmental cycle. Glaciers are melting rapidly, the water level in rivers and streams is rising that comes out as a serious concern for people living in geologically vulnerable lands. Yet flood is not an often happening event in large parts of the world. A dewatering system designed for flood control can extend to various applications, including municipality sewage, industrial drainage, construction dewatering, stream diversion, pumping slurry, sludge, trash, etc. These pumps can provide perfection in performance to relocate highly contaminated fluid. Different customized configurations of pumps make them compatible with multipurpose applications.

Guzu Machinery dewatering Solutions for Various applications

  • Diesel engine driven split case pump set is a perfect response to the flood, contaminated industrial drainage, municipality dewatering applications
  • Diesel engine driven end suction pump sets are applied for mining, irrigation, firefighting applications, and desalination projects
  • GZT Series of diesel engine-driven self-priming pump sets are compatible, high-efficiency, large capacity dewatering solutions for construction, industrial, mining, and different wastewater disposal applications
  • Trailer mounted self-priming trash pump sets designed for heavy-duty dewatering applications where frequent movement of pumps is required. These pumps are applicable for water contaminated with trash, debris, sludge, slurry, etc.
  • Base mounted self-priming sewage pump sets for pumping applications that do not need frequent relocation. Industrial sewage is one of the prime applications of these pumps






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