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Groudwater control
Easy to set up and clear ground water fast
Guzu Machinery 6″ diesel trash pumps for heavy duty dewatering jobs. With the ability to move water up to 1,480 gpm, they feature large non-clog impellers with open channels capable of passing solids up to 3 inch diameter (76mm).
irrigation pump
Diesel Trash Pumps
Contractors, municipalities, and farmers often need to dewater areas that are rife with leaves, sand, sewage, twigs, sludge, and mud – a job best done by diesel driven trash pumps.
open pit dewatering
Guzu diesel dewatering pump, Autocebantes de alta confiabilidad.
Guzu bombas centrífugas autocebantes están diseñadas para bombear agua con sólidos en suspensión en trasvases de líquidos, plantas de tratamientos de efluentes, en sistemas de riego por inundación, para toma de ríos o lagos en aplicaciones agrícolas, industriales y civiles.
flood control pump
Guzu dewatering pumps
Dewatering essentially refers to water control, the removal of ground or surface water to lower the water table. It’s so important to manage this on a worksite as it provides a safer workplace for your crew and makes operations more efficient.
Silenced Canopy Pumps and Power
Guzu Machinery supply silenced canopy diesel pump sets and diesel generator sets. Canopy enclosures to meet the harshest environments from 60 degrees in the Middle East to corrosive salt spray conditions on the Coast of Africa.
trash pump
Trash Pump Do’s and Don’ts
Guzu Machinery, a full-service manufacturer and provider of diesel driven trash pumps, water pump equipment.The following trash pump do’s and don’ts will help assure safe and effective pump operation.
container load
How do We Deliver Diesel Dewatering Pump to You By Sea?
In Guzu Machinery, Only qualified diesel dewatering pumps can be delivered. We don’t do random checking, we test all the pumps one by one.




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